Saturday, April 21, 2007

Judge sends Volz case to Court of Appeals

On April 13, an Associated Press report on Eric Volz's appeal appeared in La Prensa:


The defense of American Eric Volz, sentenced in February to 30 years in prison for the murder of Nicaraguan young woman, Doris Ivania Jiménez, interposed an appeal resource today. The secretary of the Court of Penal District of Judgment of Rivas, Ruth Aracelys Ruiz, said that “the file on the Volz case was sent to the Court of Appeals of Granada…at the request of its defense counsel Ramon Rojas”.

On February 20, the Judge of the Penal District of Judgment of Rivas, Ivett Toruño, condemned Volz and Nicaraguan Julio Martin Chamorro for the rape and murder of Jiménez, which happened on November 21, 2006.

The murder of the young person, ex-fiancèe of Volz, happened in the town of San Juan of the South, located to 110 kilometers to the south of Managua. Volz is a real estate agent of 27 years, originally from Nashville, Tennessee. In Managua, he was dedicated to a publishing project of magazines of tourist promotion. Rojas, defense counsel of Volz, said to a local channel that he hopes that the court of appeals “revokes the failure of judge Toruño… the sentence was mistaken.”

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