Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nifonged in Nicaragua: Exclusive Eric Volz Photograph

LieStoppers has obtained a digital image of a photograph taken by one of Eric Volz's attorneys the day after his arrest in Nicaragua for the rape and murder of his former girlfriend, Doris Ivanez Jimenez.

Eric Volz November 24, 2006
Photograph Taken by One of Volz's Attorneys

Curiously, the photograph taken by Eric Volz's attorney is quite different than the photograph recently published by Nicaraguan tabloid, El Nuevo Diario, as part of it's ongoing effort to support the wrongful conviction of Volz while justifying the propaganda campaign it has waged against Volz since his arrest in November.

Photograph Published By El Nuevo Diario on April 1, 2007
Purportedly Taken by Nicaraguan Police on November 23, 2006

The photograph taken by Volz's attorney also varies greatly from the image published in an anti-Volz video that appears on YouTube.

Screen Capture Taken From Anti-Volz Propaganda Video

Both El Nuevo Diario and NicaraguanFilms, the anonymous user who posted the anti-Volz video to YouTube, claim that the images they have published are photographs taken by Nicaraguan Police following Volz's arrest on November 23, 2006.

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Anonymous said...

The two photos with the "scratches" are actually good evidence that Eric Volz is INNOCENT. Look carefully at the so-called "scratches". They are NOT scratches, but bruises. The Y-shapes on the ends of the bruises prove that they were not caused by fingernails. They are consistent with bruising from carrying a heavy item, such a ...coffin..., since repositioning typically causes such bifurcations.