Friday, June 8, 2007

Nifonged in Nicaragua: "Justice for Eric Volz" Banners on Front Page of Trinchera

Photograph of "Justice for Eric Volz" banner
from the front page of Managua daily Trinchera de la Noticia
Managua daily newspaper Trinchera de la Noticia has prominently placed a photograph of one the "Justice for Eric Volz" banners that have begun appearing throughout Managua in a demonstration of local support for the falsely imprisoned American. Trinchera has been one of the leading Nicaraguan media advocates for Volz over the past several weeks and continues to link to the Friends of Eric Volz website from the homepage of its online edition. The caption below Trinchera's photo reads:

"Managua banners request justice for the young American Eric Volz, sentenced to 30 years [in prison] for the murder of his ex-fiancèe, in November of last year. Volz has denied that he committed the crime. The case is in the hands of the Granada Court of Appeals."

Additional, enlarged photographs of the banner pictured on the cover of Trinchera:

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