Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nifonged in Nicaragua: '60 Minutes' of Nicaragua Stands Up For Volz

Continuing the recent trend of local media working to expose the factual innocence of Eric Volz, popular Nicaraguan current affairs television program Esta Semana, "the '60 Minutes' of Nicaragua", broadcast an interview with the wrongfully convicted American. The segment with Volz also featured the first Nicaraguan airing of footage showing Eric carrying the casket which left the faint marks that cowardly Judge Ivette Toruno Blanco pretended were scratches left by the woman Volz was falsely convicted of murdering. If the several public comments posted at Esta Semana's website are any indication, reaction to the Volz interview from Nicaraguan viewers appears to be decidedly positive as his appeal approaches. Unlike the outraged anti-Volz sentiment expressed when less reputable Nicaraguan media published blatantly false information, doctored photographs, and inflammatory rumors designed to heighten public condemnation of Volz, all but one of the commentators at Esta Semana appear moved by the compelling story of injustice.

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