Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nifonged in Nicaragua: Friends of Eric Volz Tribute to Doris Jimenez

From the Friends of Eric Volz Website:

We send this tribute out on June 21st in memory of Doris, 7 months after she was killed on November 21st.

It has been very hard for Eric to deal with the way Doris has been lost in all this and he has asked us to pay homage to her in this update. He writes: "What should have been the Doris Jimenez case quickly became known as the Eric Volz case. The horror of her murder, as well as the violence and abuse that women face in this region, has been eclipsed by my trial and fight for freedom. I have made a point to mention this in every interview, but have yet to see it published. I will not let people forget the injustice of Doris' murder and once I am free I will make sure that it receives the attention it deserves."

At the end of his first letter from prison, Eric wrote: "Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that all the pain and hardship I've nothing in comparison to the loss of Doris. She was an amazing person that was loved by everyone. She is deeply missed." Eric continues to grieve the loss of this lovely woman, as do all her friends and family.

The image below is one you may have seen published in various media stories about this tragedy; here is where it originated. This is Doris, as she appeared on page 59 in the 1st issue of EP Magazine in 2006. The caption to the right reads: "We are rising in the ranks of power, breaking new ground. Women of Central America"

Part of the mission of EP Magazine, along with promoting conscious living and cultural awareness, was to profile Central American/Caribbean people who are succeeding. In the 1st issue of EP a campaign was launched to encourage the rising strength and influence of Central American women. Doris was a prime example of this NEW WOMAN; putting herself through school, opening her own store, seeking to break the glass ceiling and follow her dreams. In this, we honor her memory.

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