Friday, June 22, 2007

Nifonged in Nicaragua: Murder by the Sea (MSNBC Documentary)

MSNBC debuted an hour long documentary entitled "Murder by the Sea" last night. The preview at their website described the feature as:
Eric Volz was an ambitious young man from San Diego trying to run a business in a surfing town in Nicaragua. But when a local girl is murdered, Eric is pinned as a suspect and his whole life is turned upside down.
We are working to upload segments from the video and hope to have video excerpts available here soon. In the meantime, please follow the links below to previous MSNBC features on the Volz case, some of which were incorporated into the new documentary.


Anonymous said...

Eric & Reade, Collin, and Dave have something in common, being falsely accused. If Nifong had his way they would be also serving 30 years for a crime they never committed.

Here's hoping Nicaragua has some honest Judges who will throw his "conviction" out and Eric will be allowed to leave the country. It is clear ther is a hateful group of people who were just out to get the gringo. Just like the Potbangers in Durham he was found guilty before a trial.

Jen said...

Still waiting to hear if he gets to come home... There's no word on the appeal yet, but everyone back here in the States is confident we'll bring him home somehow. It's just so sad to see our citizens here squabbling over whether or not our president should be in office when there are honest Americans suffering unjustly like this.

Anonymous said...

Saw Mr. Volz's story featured on an episode of Locked Up Abroad the other day. I was just blown away by the injustice. The prosecution's star witness, this lowdown drug addict with a lengthy criminal record and the only person to place Eric at scene, was an absolute joke with ZERO credibility. If I were a Nicaraguan, I would feel utterly embarrassed over this judicial process. The amount of evidence proving Eric's innocence was staggering relative to, literally, NO evidence on the part of the prosecution. While I understand many of these 3rd world countries express animosity toward the U.S., I had no idea a country's judicial system would go to these kind of extremes. There was clearly outside influence coming from somewhere because the dishonorable judge Ivette Toruño Blanco was just out of this world irrational. One day, her own judgment will cometh. This case would make any American think twice about visiting San Juan Del Sur and Nicaragua in general. After all is said and done, Nicaragua should feel ashamed they made such a shitty attempt at blaming and jailing an American, letting this drug addict killer walk free to inevitably commit another atrocity, and they likely took a hit to their tourism industry, particularly from Americans. What an awful country the place is with awful people.

Anonymous said...

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